Setup Project

To setup your project from scratch, follow the below steps:

STEP 1 - Pick the Skeleton (Starter Template)

In this step, you can pick any of the given skeleton templates (as mentioned in Product Overview section) and copy & paste that to the location where you want to setup your project.

Once, the skeleton folder is copied over, you can rename the folder and can give it to the name of your project.

STEP 2 - Install All Dependencies

To install dependencies open your terminal (command prompt in Windows) and locate your project using the CD command.

Now, run the following command to install all the dependencies Drift Angular has in its package.json:

$ npm install

STEP 3 - Run Your Project

To run your project, run the following command:

$ ng serve --open


$ npm run start

STEP 4 - Prepare Build of Your Project

The build files will be stored in /dist directory.

To prepare a build of your project, you would need to run the following command in your terminal:

$ ng build --prod

There is an alternative one that you can use. The following command will run the ng build --prod command with an increased memory size so your app can be built:

$ npm run build

For more information about angular-cli commands, check the angular-cli.

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