Drift Angular


Customizing colors in your project
This section details how you could customize color variables for your project.
There are following type of color variables you can change for your project:
  • BootStrap Base Colors
  • Custom Colors

BootStrap Base Colors

src / scss / layouts / {layout} / themes / {theme} / _variables.scss
$app-primary: #512DA8 !default;
$app-secondary: #FF4081 !default;
$primary: $app-primary;
$secondary: $app-secondary;
$success: #52c41a;
$info: #1890ff;
$warning: #fa8c16;
$danger: #f44336;
$light: #e5e5e5;
$dark: #212121;


$app-primary and $app-secondary are custom Drift colors which gives you an option to extend the primary and secondary colors of the theme in your own custom theme file.

Custom Colors

src / scss / layouts / {layout} / themes / {theme} / _variables.scss
$text-color: #757575 !default;
$text-color-dark: #212121 !default;
$primary-light: lighten($primary, 40%) !default;
$light-green: #1dce8e !default;
$dark-green: #3d6003 !default;
$light-blue: #5797fc !default;
$light-cyan: #00bcd4 !default;
$dark-blue: #0060ca !default;
$sky-blue: #00aeef !default;
$light-pink: #ff415a !default;
$brown: #5e1e21 !default;
$light-brown: #b23737 !default;
$light-teal: #1b8abe !default;

Typography Colors

src / scss / layouts / {layout} / themes / {theme} / _variables.scss
//$body-bg: $white !default;
$body-color: $text-color;
$link-color: theme-color("primary");
$link-hover-color: darken($link-color, 10%);
$headings-color: $text-color-dark;

Other Misc Colors

src / scss / layouts / {layout} / themes / {theme} / _variables.scss
$border-color: #ddd;
/* header colors */
$header-bg: $primary !default;
$header-color: rgba($white, 0.75) !default;
$header-color-hover: rgba($white, 1) !default;
$dt-brand-bg: $header-bg !default;
$dt-brand-color: $header-color !default;
/* sidebar colors */
$sidebar-bg: #110a21 !default;
$sidebar-color: #d1c4e9 !default;
$sidebar-color-hover: $secondary !default;
$sidebar-active-bg: #1e1532 !default;
$sidebar-active-color: $sidebar-color-hover !default;
$sidebar-submenu-color: $sidebar-color !default;
$sidebar-header-color: $text-color !default;
$sidebar-separator: #383245 !default;
/* footer colors */
$footer-bg: $gray-100 !default;
$footer-color: $text-color !default;
/* custom drawer colors */
$dt-drawer-bg: $white !default;
$dt-backdrop-bg: rgba($black, 0.4) !default;
/* colors for sidebar in apps */
$module-sidebar-bg: $white !default;
$module-sidebar-color: $text-color-dark !default;
$module-sidebar-color-hover: $secondary !default;
There are many other color variables which you can find in the same file. You can customize those as per your need.