RTL Version

Setup the right-to-left version

All the layouts have the pre-generated RTL CSS files at the following path:

src / assets / css / {layout} / {theme_name}-rtl.css
src / assets / css / {layout} / {theme_name}-rtl.min.css

To customize the styling in SCSS, follow the topic Theme Customization and then to generate the RTL version, follow the instructions given in the below section.

Generate RTL files after customization

In order to generate the RTL files after the customization done in SCSS. You need to run the following Gulp commands:

$ gulp style-rtl-{layout}-{theme_name}

/* For example: $ gulp style-rtl-crm-main */

To generate a minified version, use the following command

$ gulp min-style-rtl-{layout}-{theme_name}

/* For example: $ gulp style-rtl-crm-main */

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